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This is the only guide you'll ever need on getting and staying in supreme physical condition for life.

Yes, for life.

Endless fitness courses already exist.

But they all fail to teach you what's required to be in tip top condition - 365 days a year...

You don't want to be ugly, fat or skinny.

You want to be shredded, and handsome.

You want the Body of a Statue.

These are physical attributes...

But you acquire them through your mind.

And what most fitness advice fails to do...

Is reprogram your mind.

They just give you some exercise program...

And you eventually give up on it.

Maybe you give up in a week or a month, but you still end up throwing the towel in - I would too.

You simply can't stick to someone else's exercise regime for life.

That's not practical at all.


You need a mental model that it is adaptable to all places at all times.

Something that still works, even if:

- You have a full time job

- Travel frequently

- No access to a gym

- Dislike the gym

Something that you can use for life - that suits you.

Something that works, starting TODAY.

Now, this isn't some woo-woo mindset bull shit.

This is 100% practical advice that you can use as a framework to always be in phenomenal shape.

No gym required. Nothing is required. Just you.

More importantly - you can stay in shape efficiently.

No one's got time to spend 2 hours a day lifting weights at the gym.

We want to be jacked, handsome, and get out into the real world and LIVE LIFE... I certainly don't want to be a slave to "the gym" - and neither should you.

I'm lazy, really.

I want the most for the least.

I wanna look like the guy in the gym for 3 hours a day...

But actually only train for 30 minutes.

In a perfect world we wouldn't have to train.


Especially if you can seamlessly integrate training into your lifestyle.

Plus, who wants to go through life NOT jacked or handsome?

Especially if it can be done easily, and to suit you?

I know I wouldn't.

Being shredded is a life hack.

It opens doors for you - that are closed to the ugly and misshapen.

Cold. But true.

The Halo Effect is very, very real.

People assume you are an authority, you know what you're talking about, and pay you respects.

Not to mention:

Health - you'll live longer with less ailments

Girls - they like shredded and handsome guys (newsflash)

Energy - being jacked gives you endless energy

Confidence - its easy to be confident if you're shredded

Who're You Talking To?

Me at current age, 27

I took an interest to training, being ripped and healthy at a young age.

I know the topic inside out.

Let's have a look at the old me...

Me at 15

Yep, me at 15.

Below is me between 16 - 17.

Geek at 16.

Started getting fit at 17.

16, into resistance training at 17












You see...

I never "fell off"

My methods ALWAYS worked.

They ALWAYS kept me in shape.

Anyone who's followed me knows...

I zoned in on SEO in my early twenties, working LONG days.

But I retained my physique.

And my physique improved year on year.

The last couple of years?

I switched any training time to Muay Thai, which took my physique to the next level.

(More on Muay Thai coming right up...)

Obviously, I know what I'm talking about.

I can transform a girl-less goof into a confident chad.


But only if you're willing to follow my instructions.

Being in shape, jacked, and handsome will improve your life IMMEASURABLY.

What's the alternative?

What happens if you don't commit to building your physique?

  • 0 confidence. Small, weak and fat men are less confident than strong, in shape men. You will lack authority over your domain. No one will respect you.
  • Drained. Your body AND mind is weak. You can't build a business empire, or lead an action-packed lifestyle.
  • Ugliness. It's hard to escape ugliness if you live unnaturally. You regress and become uglier and uglier over time.
  • Dad Bod. Girls love dad bods right... Right? Right?!

The real answer:



But... But.... But...

"Nothing worked for me so far. Why will this work?"

Fitness programs aren't holistic - or realistic.

This program is for everyone and anyone - and would still work if you were trapped in a phone booth.

For skinny guys, fat guys, lazy guys.


"What if I lose motivation again?"

You will. We all do.

But I'll tell you the systems I use to ensure I stay in shape despite life's curveballs.

Full time job? No problem.

Travelling? Easy.

Hate the gym? Cool.

These factors won't stop you from progressing.

"I don't have time to work out"

Bull shit. There are jacked billionaires out there.

You have time - you just need to use it more efficiently.

You'll learn how to get results with small pockets of time and a busy work schedule.

Team Work

Doing anything alone is difficult.

Getting and staying in shape is no different.

You'll be invited to join our private group.

We'll talk fitness, health, diet, accountability, the teachings in the guide, martial arts, and more.

I'm in there too, of course.

Guys in here will help each other stay accountable and completing their daily tasks.

Bonus: Muay Thai Starter Pack

Muay Thai in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Over the last near-two years, I've been training Muay Thai in Thailand.

I've been "martial arts pilled".

I'm convinced martial arts is the apex training method.


  • Men were born to fight
  • Fighting is a skill you might need some day
  • You train the entire body, holistically
  • You absolutely melt fat from your body
  • You reach new levels of confidence
  • Martial Arts is enshrouded in a code of honour
  • It's sociable - you'll meet other like minded people IRL
  • You become extremely athletic
  • Level up all physical skills (cardio, balance, flexibility etc.)
  • It's fun

EVERYONE should be training martial arts.

If you're here from Twitter - think about these big names

  • Tate brothers - kickboxers
  • Ed Latimore - boxer
  • G Manifesto - boxer

There's a reason these guys pursued martial arts...

It gives you HUGE advantages as a man.

It's like having the body of a statue... x 10.

The problem?

Most people never try. Or they give up too soon.

I've been there.

I did a BJJ class when I was 23.

It was exhausting - and I assumed I couldn't build a business while exerting that much energy. Never went back.

I was wrong.

There ARE ways you CAN get the benefits of Martial Arts and still have a life outside of it.

I'm going to walk you through having never training martial arts, to utilizing it as your main training method - like me.

"But the training is too expensive."

Doesn't matter.

You can train even if you don't have access to a proper martial arts gym.

"But the local boxing gym is scary."

Not learning martial arts as a men is 100% scarier. You can't defend yourself without learning martial arts.

"I don't like fighting."

Unfortunately, fighting and violence is a part of this world. You can run from it or accept it.

Plus you don't actually need to fight, you can simply train and never step in the ring.

"I don't think I will be good at it."

You'd laugh if you saw my first times hitting the pads/sparring.

No one starts good. But everyone can start burning tons of calories and building strength immediately.

Really don't want to make the transition to martial arts?


Body Of A Statue has everything you need to get and stay in shape for the rest of your life.

More Questions?

"How do you know this will work for me?"

I know because I've transformed people from slobs into machines. Notably housemates, close friends etc. - they absorbed my ideas and training methods for themselves.

Plus we have the group to hold you accountable for your daily tasks.

"Will it be easy?"


Nothing worth having in life is easily achieved - or else it wouldn't be worth having.

The program WILL make achieving this physique far easier, which is the best you can hope for.

"I don't even like training."

No one does, really. It's a necessary evil.

The negatives of training outweigh the cons, though.

Especially when you know how to train efficiently and get results.

"I already lift. Should I get this?"

If you've already got 2+ years of solid training under your belt, decent physique, never "fall off" and are knowledgeable on health and fitness - you likely don't NEED this guide.

If you've never trained martial arts, and want to get started with that, you might want it just to learn more about getting into that.

"I'm skinny will this work for me?"

Look at me at 15-16-17. Skinny as a rake.

Not anymore.

"I don't like the gym."

Join the club! I don't either.

But I enjoy having the body of a statue.

So we'll be looking at ways to get ripped without stepping foot in a gym, from your home.

Note: if you are super skinny, and definitely don't want to use the gym, you'll need SOME resistance available to you - but only $25-$50 worths of equipment.

"What about diet?"

I'm a sugar addict. I love sweet food.

I've eaten something sweet almost every day for the last decade.

I've still keep a great physique.

We'll be covering diet - what to eat - when - etc.

"I'm fat - will this help me?"


I've gotten a bit chubby a few times in my life and know exactly what it takes to bring yourself back to baseline.

"Can I find this info anywhere else?"

There's endless information online about fitness.

Most of it is pedalled by gym obsessed freaks.

Guys that lift for a living, and make their money from it.

I've never made a dime from staying in shape for 10 years.

This program is a roll up of personal experience over the last decade.

I'm not going to show you how to do a bicep curl. That's documented to death.

I'm going to teach you how to craft the body of a statue, no matter what your starting point is...

And retain it forever.

See you inside the group.

I want this!
Body of a Statue
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Body of a Statue Group
Muay Thai Starter Pack


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